Zoom to Fit doesn't seem to work

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Zoom to Fit doesn't seem to work

Post by TonyC » Thu 26. Feb 2015, 15:03

Hi everyone,

I'm using version 5.0.4 and have just discovered that the Zoom to Fit option (on View menu) doesn't seem to work.

All I was presented with was a section of blank grid squares and no scroll bars. If I then zoomed out / zoomed to 100% things returned to normal and the scroll bars reappeared.

Could someone else try this and either confirm or deny it happens for them. If it does I'll send support an email to alert them.


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Re: Zoom to Fit doesn't seem to work

Post by RailModeller Support » Thu 26. Feb 2015, 16:32

Hi Tony,

was there anything in the layout when you've tried it, i.e. any tracks or other elements?

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Re: Zoom to Fit doesn't seem to work

Post by Bergen » Wed 4. Mar 2015, 23:38

I tried different things, specifically with layer lock/visibility settings and adding tracks near the border, but have not been able to reproduce this.

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Re: Zoom to Fit doesn't seem to work

Post by fpm_michael » Thu 5. Mar 2015, 05:47

When you open a new layout, it will start with a default size. You can go over to the right and select a size that you want the workspace to be. However, if you build outside of that, the desktop will expand as needed to enclose the track and elements. If you build something small in the center of the desk space and click the zoom to fit, the desktop will resize to fit the elements that you are working with.
If you already have elements that are within the desktop size range and click zoom to fit, it will do nothing because you are already and the minimum size that the desktop can be to contain the elements that you are working with. Only if the elements are smaller than the desk space, with zoom to fit do anything.
Hope that helps.

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