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Importing Rail Stock

Posted: Fri 1. May 2020, 21:02
by jrbburg

I have a list of my Marklin C tracks. I can't import them into RailModeller Pro.

I know I have to save the file as .csv but it won't import.

Do I need to list the tracks in a particular way?

I'm not technical so need an idiot's guide please.

I subscribed to Railmodeller Pro 5 years ago and have never go over this first hurdle.

Many thanks

Re: Importing Rail Stock

Posted: Sat 2. May 2020, 11:21
by RailModeller Support
Hi there,

The content of the stock can be imported from and exported to a CSV (character-separated values) file.

The CSV import and export uses a plain text file format with three fields:
  • Product Number
  • Library
  • Count
The fields are separated by a TAB or ; character.

The Product Number and Library fields must match the name of a RailModeller library and product number in the library.
If no matching element can be found when importing a CSV file the entry will be ignored.

Easiest way to get a template for importing is to just export a minimal stock with a couple of elements.

You can also find more details in the "The Stock" section in the manual.