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RailModeller Pro 6.4.22 — What's New

Posted: 10 Nov 2023, 09:00
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RailModeller Pro 6.4.22 (8. Nov 2023)

What's New in this Maintenance Update:

• Enhanced handling of parallel track pieces in functions that create a grade to the selected track and grade a section of connected tracks.
• The reworked detection for track selections not suitable for editing track grades now provides more actionable guidance and recognizes a wider range of scenarios.
• The enhanced Element Properties inspector now also displays grade or angle values for multiple items, when all tracks share common settings.
• The updated inspector for user-generated bumper (buffer stops) decorations, which can be added to any straight, curved, or flex track, now supports the direct entry of the bumper distance from the end of the track for both single tracks and selections of multiple items
• New base textures have been added for the 3D mode, and an issue with track base texture rendering on specific Mac systems has been addressed.

Additionally, a new button has been added the welcome window, allowing users to conveniently send support emails alongside the existing help menu function.
Furthermore, we have resolved a bug related to the use of a custom grid color.

This release also includes several supplementary bug fixes, along with updates to the bundled libraries for track systems and accessories.

RailModeller Pro 6.4.21 (5. Sep 2023)

What's New in this Maintenance Update:

• The Edit Baseboard tool now allows for seamless corner-to-corner snapping of baseboards, improving precision and ease of use

This release also features some bug fixes as well as updates to the bundled libraries for track systems and accessories.

RailModeller Pro 6.4.20 (1. Aug 2023)

New in this maintenance update

• The Tape Measure Tool has been improved with snapping functionality attaching the start and end of the ruler to nearby joints and baseboard border points, a new option to limit the ruler to the horizontal or vertical axis and 45-degree angles, plus an updated design for increased usability.
• JMRI Export has been updated to now support turntables and parallel (bridge) track elements, as well as improve the export of wye turnouts and level crossings.
• The inspector for user-generated buffer stops now shows the offset from the end of the track for improved control of placement

In addition, minor improvements have been made to the Cloud Catalog and Height Profile View.
This release also contains updates to the bundled libraries for track systems and accessories.

RailModeller Pro 6.4.19 (25. May 2023)

New in this maintenance update

• Enhanced layout display settings to include an option to show element alias instead of name
• Extended dimension shape inspector to enable control over arrow scale and line width
• Added ability to enter the precise length of dimensions
• An improved triple-click shortcut for selecting connected tracks, particularly with flex tracks.

Additionally, this release features updates to the bundled libraries for track systems and accessories.

RailModeller Pro 6.4.18 (11. May 2023)

This maintenance update

• Extends the contextual menu for the Layer list to select all elements in a (track) layer and to show all layers
• Enhances the shorten tracks tool (saw) to operate on adjustable (expansion) tracks
• Keeps the layout centered on the mouse cursor when zooming in or out
• Improves the editing of polygon and line points to merge overlapping points moved with the mouse depending on the current zoom setting
• Prevents snapping to hidden tracks when drag-snapping while editing a flex track or shorting tracks
• Works around an issue with the Part List on certain, older Macs running unsupported macOS releases

In addition, this release contains updates to the bundled libraries for track systems and accessories.

RailModeller Pro 6.4 adds

• A Search feature to locate elements across the entire catalog of track libraries and the active layout document
• A point editor to easily review and edit individual point coordinates of line and polygon elements as well as the corner points of baseboard elements
• Improved Touch Bar Support throughout the app offering e.g. preset zoom levels, parallel track distances, QuickFilter categories and more

Other changes in version 6.4 include

• A new inspector for text elements showing the font and a summary of the selection
• Improvements to the Info inspector
• Selections consisting of elements with multiple stroke or fill colors now show a multi-value indicator similar to e.g. Numbers
• Improvements and bug fixes for the stock and the custom key bindings editor

RailModeller Pro 6.4 runs natively on Apple silicon Macs and Intel Macs.

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