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ROCO Line with Ballast layout track connection issues

Posted: 04 Sep 2023, 09:37
by Bzegui
Hello all,

I tried to reproduce two layouts: a roco line with ballast, the "D-track box" (link attached) and another layout derived from it.

As far as the "D-track box" layout is concerned, there seem to be problems with the connection of the following elements: a section of track with manually operated left-hand turnouts ref 42538 and a section of track with curved turnouts ref 42558 (and 42557).

These two sections, as shown on the box, cannot be combined and connected without error in RailModeller. Boxes tested and successfully connected in AnyRail (track boxes offered by AnyRail as a template in the track catalogue).

Is this a bug or an error on my side?

I can provide the layouts that doesn't connect if necessary.


roco line D-track box : ... ies-d.html