Your opinion on my locomotive warehouse?

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Your opinion on my locomotive warehouse?

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I am a beginner and here is the plan I made. I would like your expert advice.

It is a deposit inspired by the French magazine Loco-revue HSLR 49 (06/2016).
For reasons of space I put everything in L (overall 180x180)
The depot is supposed to serve the fictitious passenger station of Dampierre (orange building) with its platforms which is connected to it (rail shown in red) by a small tunnel, under a road bridge (gray).
The part above my backstage is the city
In yellow the "rue de la gare" which goes down towards the latter
I added a backstage which allows me to:
-make a lot of locomotives disappear and park them, which allows me to alternate those that appear in the depot coming from the station
-a hidden turntable (part of which is hidden in the station building) allows me to turn these locos on themselves
-this turntable allows me to have sufficient distance by aligning it with the 2 brown needles so that 2 small convoys (1 of coal, 1 of diesel) can once come back from the depot go back up and park on the 2 orange lanes .
The 2 fluorescent green lanes allow me to park 1 railcar and 1 small passenger train which will alternately serve the sky blue stop at the end of the sky blue lane (next to which level crossing and caretaker's house in fluorescent green.
The fuchsia building is a goods depot, access to which also passes under the station bridge.

I have a doubt about the usefulness of the yellow part which allows me by taking a step back on the dark blue part without having to leave the tunnel, to swap locomotive and small convoys.
I have in particular doubts about the capacity to manage this kind of blind maneuvers

What do you think? Thank youImage
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