Thread for feature requests

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Thread for feature requests

Post by Jay » Tue 13. Jan 2015, 00:13

I can see how it might become overwhelming for the developers, but it might be nice to create a "Feature Request" or "Wish List" thread in the main forum, where people can suggest features they'd like to see.

(DUH -- I just found it under "Working with RailModeller Pro")

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Re: Thread for feature requests

Post by Bergen » Wed 28. Jan 2015, 00:24

Actually feature requests should be posted on UserVoice:

There you can also vote for feature requests. Uservoice is perfect for these kind of things.

Mario de Prisco
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Re: Thread for feature requests

Post by Mario de Prisco » Tue 30. Jun 2015, 09:59

Hi all.
Place here the picture accompanying the idea recently inserted in uservoice.
Screenshot 2015-06-29 18.32.26.png
Total price of the flex tracks.
Screenshot 2015-06-29 18.32.26.png (185.98 KiB) Viewed 2552 times ... lex-tracks

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