Auto Completion of Track Sections

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Auto Completion of Track Sections

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It has been more that a few years ago that I was using Railmodeller to design an N Scale layout. I am now re-entering model railroading and want to design an HO layout. I recall most of how to use the software, but I cannot find one feature I found helpful in the older software version I had. It was a tool to automatically offer suggestions of track section combinations that would close a gap between two selected end points of track. It would help by determining if it would actually be possible for the two ends of track section to meet and be connected, or determine that no track combination would bring them into alignment.

Does that function still exist in the current software version?
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Re: Auto Completion of Track Sections

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The toolbar at the top of every document provides access to global tools and settings like

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  • The Smart Insert tools
  • Module specific tools
  • The Shapes pop-up menu
  • The Layout Controls
  • The View Controls
  • The Part List
  • The Search control
The Smart Insert pop-up menu in the toolbar provides assistants that support you when inserting new tracks into the layout.
The following assistants are currently available:
  • Parallel Track
  • Create Track Helix
  • Connect with Flex Track
  • Close Gap with Tracks
Two tracks in the layout can be connected with an automatically calculated piece of flex track using the Connect with Flex Track function.

A gap between two tracks can be closed with one or multiple pieces of sectional track using the Close Gap with Tracks function.

The sections Smart Insert: Connect with Flex Track and Smart Insert: Close Gap with Tracks in the user guide also provide additional details.

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