Scale of track depictions on the canvas

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Scale of track depictions on the canvas

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Dear Forum,

I'm very new to using Railmodeller Pro and I've managed to construct a kind of layout, but there are mistakes in it as you can see from my attached screenshot.

However, my question is about scale of depiction of the tracks on the canvas. The rail segments seem very large and wide in comparison to the actual size of my 6ft by 3ft 9 inch layout - (please see screenshot).

The schematic presumably does not represent the actual size of the track when physically laid out? Or does it?

Or are my Peco 100 segments not in scale with my board size as depicted by the canvas?

I'd be grateful for your advice on this.

Many thanks.
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Re: Scale of track depictions on the canvas

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all tracks are to scale.
You can verify yourself quickly e.g. using the Tape Measure tool.

Hope this helps,
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