T-Trak modules

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T-Trak modules

Post by SVJ_Nscale »

Has anyone used RailModeller Pro to design N-Scale T-Trak modules? I am looking to build my layout based on a number of T-Trak modules. I would like to use RailModeller Pro to design the modules as well as change the modules around.

Has anyone done this?
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Re: T-Trak modules

Post by Rotness »

Hi, I am trying to design my Modules with Free version. Also N Scale. Still I am not sure that I want to buy Pro version.

I am missing (maybe they are) some features:
- precision grid system (for curve segments)
- cutting tracks exactly on the edge of modul
- aughen, faller, noch or custom building sizes (or the way how to import it)
- free draw for country/groundwork design sketching
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