Track Gradients

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Track Gradients

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Can anyone explain how gradients work in this App, I have read that we need to work ideally between 2-3% on gradients on other forums, website etc, yet when I look at designs from others in RailModeller community, I am seeing designs with gradients up to 30% - am I missing somthing ?

I have also played around and asked the app to auto stage a gradient over a section of track and notice it will warn me if the gradient is too much, but I am confused at the percentages given ...

Any help most appreciated.

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Re: Track Gradients

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Nick A A wrote: Tue 1. Feb 2022, 23:47 I am seeing designs with gradients up to 30% - am I missing somthing
Hi Nick -

you can configure how grades are displayed to you by the app as there are strong regional preferences.

You can choose between percent, per mille, and ratio in the app's preferences:
  • Per Mille: units of height change per 1000 units of track length,
  • Percentage: Height change per 100 units of track length,
  • Ratio: One part rise to so many parts run.
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