Curving flex track

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Curving flex track

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I need to create an HO scale flex track radius of at least 48”. I have tried to set that number in the settings for bending flex track but it will not accept that number. Am I missing something? Since it is flex track I should be able to create a radius of almost any size, especially large radius track. Help?
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Re: Curving flex track

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Hi Scott -

The 36" Super-Flex Track (Atlas H0 Code 100 article number 168) has a length of 36" so at the default 45º arc angle - that is applied when first bending a flex track to a parametric curve - the maximum radius is 45.8" before exceeding the track length.

The app autocorrects entries to ensure flex tracks in the layout reflect what's physically possible.

When reducing the arc angle - e.g. to 20 degrees - a larger radius can be used;
The next maintenance update shows a message in the status bar at the bottom of the window to indicate why a radius or angle was rejected.

flex_para_message.png (25.98 KiB) Viewed 419 times

Hope this helps,
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