Does “Connect with Flex Track” prevent ess curves?

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Does “Connect with Flex Track” prevent ess curves?

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When I connect two pieces with the Smart Insert “Connect with Flex Track,” does the program only connect if it can do so without generating aa ess curve (two opposite curves joined together)?

I have a long gentle in my layout, and there is a right curve at the beginning and a left curve at the the end - I can’t tell by looking if there is a straight section between the curves,
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Re: Does “Connect with Flex Track” prevent ess curves?

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Hi Mike,

The flex connect function looks at both tracks to be joined;

If the tracks are mostly parallel (and a connection is possible) they're connected with an ess curve (flex with 4 control points)
Flex connect parallel.jpg
Flex connect parallel.jpg (78.4 KiB) Viewed 113 times

If the tracks can be joined with some curved shape - the imagined extensions of each track cross each other - then a curved track is created (flex with 3 control points)
Flex connect simple.jpg
Flex connect simple.jpg (80.24 KiB) Viewed 113 times

RailModeller Pro uses bezier curves internally to allow freely bent flex tracks, not just a series of curves.

Hope this helps,
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