Display Fleischmann track descriptions in English

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Display Fleischmann track descriptions in English

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I have selected Fleischmann Picolo track to work with and I am using English as the display language on the computer.

The track section descriptions, I expect from the stock file, are in German. Is there a way to change the text to English or, is there a way to edit the stock file so that I can change the descriptions myself?
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Re: Display Fleischmann track descriptions in English

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Not yet I'm afraid -
most track libraries are bilingual with descriptions in both, German and English as one long text (sometimes you might need to hover the mouse to see the complete text as the space to display descriptions is limited in the library catalog).

We do have a to-do item to add fully localized track libraries in the coming months, though!
This will also open up the possibility of adding translations in more languages than just English and German.

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