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Planning for a permanent shelf L-layout Marklin C track

Posted: Sat 21. Sep 2019, 08:30
by biswasg

Having fed up with setting up temporary floor layouts due to the shortage of available floor space for decent sized closed-loop layouts, I am planning to build a functional track layout around the two walls around a corner, as a permanent shelf layout.

The scope of the project is in the attached diagram.

My objectives are:

1. Marklin digital with C track (as I already have invested in it)
2. Have a station layout on one side and a scenic layout on the other side.
3. Have the possibility to add a circular loop, maybe two levels, if make sense.
4. Should be able to manage three trains

While I hope to get some ideas from the various layouts in the forum and else-where, I am hoping to get feedback, ideas and suggestions from forum members as I develop my layout.

Will keep sharing the developments on this forum.