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Do I have a double "S" ?

Posted: Thu 7. Feb 2019, 22:14
by SWsmith
My first attempt at modifying the WGH layout was to add a double main line and have already found myself in too deep? Example is in photo of the same parallel Kato track. Showing the turnout going outside vs. turnout running inside? Does one have a double "S" ? I've been advised that the cars will derail on a double S, especially if using #4 turnouts. I've started to run into configuration issues were advise is needed for running 89' Auto Carriers. The manufacture requires at least a 22" radius with #6 turnouts highly recommended.

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Re: Double "S"

Posted: Thu 7. Feb 2019, 22:39
by SWsmith
This diagram built in the community layout section would be a great reference for downloading. Having it built in Kato unitrack would help me out tremendously.