Choosing Track Manufacture advise

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Choosing Track Manufacture advise

Post by SWsmith » Thu 7. Feb 2019, 21:33

HO Scale:

Kato Unitrack - Highly recommended - partially invested now with 29 unusable 490mm curves

Marklin - I have no knowledge of this brand since none of the shops that I frequent carry it here in Los Angeles.

We are running the WGH layout and now we want to expand on it to accommodate modern era train cars. We started out with a Athearn CN Dash9 with "Grain Train" cars. Runs great. Now we are adding trains that we see on our local tracks here in LA. Example: 89' Auto Carriers, Husky Stacks and Metrolink commuter rail. These cars do not run on Kato 2-270 curves (490mm). My plan is to convert the WGH layout to a 22" minimum curve while also adding two main lines. (Kato 2-210 w/ parallel track at 2-220)

This is were the Brand question comes in. I'm quickly finding out that Kato has limited track selections as compared to Marklin. (curved turnouts as one example) I don't see myself moving away from roadbed track and/or snap track. That narrows it down fast! I seem to be in middle ground where i'm asking too much of one product and not yet willing/able to make my own track.

Thanks in Advance

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