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Layout Advice

Posted: Sat 23. May 2015, 14:37
by Damigg
Hi All;

Have I made a mess of things? I am planing for an 11x12 room and this is what I have come up with so far. I am trying to base it on the western U.S. in the mid to late 50's and 60's . I want to be able to run trains around the layout for when the grand kid come over, but do some realistic operations for the older ones come over. If that makes any sense? Should I make any modifications or not?

Thanks for looking and the advice

P.S. I am using RailModeller Pro and I couldn't attach the file so I sent a Jpeg. Sorry :|

Re: Layout Advice

Posted: Sat 30. May 2015, 23:38
by TheOldMan
Looks good and should give you some very nice continuous running. The only query I would have is the access to the turntable; that seems very restricted and conditional. You may want to try and take it off the lower spur.

Re: Layout Advice

Posted: Sat 15. Aug 2015, 18:43
by fpm_michael
I agree. I would add it into the lower spur and also try and tie in at the very upper link. This would give you three points or access and make the TT more dynamic.