Moving elements?

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Moving elements?

Post by sacto_steve » Fri 20. Feb 2015, 16:58

First off, 5.0.4 is a great improvement in usability, Thank you.

I've opened a recent version 4 layout in 5 and the elements seem to be randomly scattered amongst "levels". I have several rectangle shapes, representing benchwork which mask most but not all elements. Moving these bench work elements forward or backwards does not appear to do anything. Moving elements forward or back is not available when multiple elements (like an entire layer) are selected.


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Re: Moving elements?

Post by RailModeller Support » Sat 21. Feb 2015, 09:15

The layer order is now effecting the rendering order - this was not the case in version 4 and was source of much confusion amongst users.

You can change the layer order via drag and drop in the Layer List.
Layers at the top will render above all other layers.

The order within a layer can be controlled via the back/front ordering functions!

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