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Missing Items for Kato Unitram library

Posted: Wed 18. Feb 2015, 12:38
by JoeDoe
I've bought RM 5.0 and found that Kato Unitram library includes only few basic elements.
Recently switches/points (40-210, 40-211) and some other new elements (40-101, 40-102, 41-100) were introduced allowing to build more complex layouts.

Since Library Editor is not yet available in 5.0, I've to ask developers to update Kato Unitram library.

Re: Missing Items for Kato Unitram library

Posted: Fri 20. Feb 2015, 11:58
by RailModeller Support
The missing tracks have been added for update 5.0.5 -
you can join the beta list to get a preview if you'd like!


Update: Elements in updated Kato Unitram library as of 5.0.5 and later
kato unitram.jpg
kato unitram.jpg (216.98 KiB) Viewed 1746 times