Missing Peco OO9 Streamline track items

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Missing Peco OO9 Streamline track items

Post by TonyC » Sun 8. Feb 2015, 17:50

Hi all,

I'm a relative newbie to RailModeller, having bought the Pro version yesterday on the App Store.
I had briefly dabbled with version 4.1.10 of the software in the past but never bought a license key so couldn't save, print or edit track.

I want to lay down a plan for an O9 scale project that's been kicking around my head for some months now but since the track library supplied with the software doesn't include any of the OO9 Streamline track items (just the Setrack) and the Pro version of RailModeller doesn't yet include an editor, I thought I'd write a post to ask for advice on how to proceed.

The missing track items appear to be:
  • SL-400 (Flexitrack)
  • SL-404 (Flexitrack Mainline)
  • SL-427 (Wagon Turntable)
  • SL-E491 (R/H Turnout)
  • SL-E492 (L/H Turnout)
  • SL-E495 (R/H Turnout Mainline)
  • SL-E496 (L/H Turnout Mainline)
  • SL-E497 (Y Turnout)
I guess I could use the SL-300 N Gauge Flexi-Track (Code 80, Wooden Sleeper) instead of SL-400/SL-404 since it shares the same characteristics, but what about the other missing items?

If I had a license for the older software I could have had a stab at creating a library of these items myself, but I don't.

Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on the best way to proceed?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Missing Peco OO9 Streamline track items

Post by RailModeller Support » Sat 14. Feb 2015, 14:09

Scheduled for the 5.0.5 update, thanks for the heads up!

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