Having Trouble Working With Parts List Pricing

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Having Trouble Working With Parts List Pricing

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Hello everyone and Merry Chritmas,

I am using the parts tool to get an inventory amount for the track pieces I need for my glorified test track layout using Kato HO Scale Unitrack.


I dont intend to ballast, add scenery and such to this as its for running and testing what various sizes and lengths of rolling stock and locomotives look like on the various curves.

Problem is this parts listing. I am told the parts list is being filtered? When will it end? On top of that the pricing starts at $5.00 in my countries currency. Why won't it rise? Looking forward to any advice in fixing this issue.

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Part List - Filter Modes

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Hi there,

If I understand correctly the question is why the part list is being filtered in the screenshot you've submitted.

When you look at the filter buttons on top of the part list you'll notice that you're currently filtering the list by Active Layer, i.e. only elements that are in the layer currently selected in the Layer list will be shown.

You can switch to All Parts to show all tracks in the current layout.
All filters are also described in more detail in the Filter Modes section in the Part List chapter of the help manual.

Hope this helps,
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