"Remaining in Stock" counter problem

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"Remaining in Stock" counter problem

Post by SimonB » Fri 3. Jul 2020, 13:28

When you choose to enable this counter for your library column, it only shows counts for items that you have added to your "Manage stock..." list.

This means that if you have NONE of a particular item in stock, then the "Show required parts in red"/"Show required parts as negative count" preference doesn't work properly.

For example, I have no Peco SL-89X points in stock, but my layout design uses four of them. You'd expect this to show as -"4" (or "4" in red) in the library column, but this doesn't happen. No indication appears alongside that library part.

Sure, you can use the "Parts -> Required Parts" method to see what's needed, but a visual feedback in the library column itself would be very helpful. Alternatively, it should be possible to add a "zero" count for a part into the "Manage Stock..." list, but this isn't presently allowed.

Any chance this could be addressed?

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Re: "Remaining in Stock" counter problem

Post by RailModeller Support » Fri 10. Jul 2020, 09:17

Hi Simon,

absolutely - the negative and red/green flavours of displaying remaining stock contents in the Library Catalog were added just recently and currently only include items actually in stock as you've mentioned.

This will be addressed for the upcoming update!

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