2 baseboards - editing the borders

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2 baseboards - editing the borders

Post by JackX » Thu 2. Apr 2020, 15:12

I´m working with 2 baseboards, one within the other:

The outer baseboard is where the tracks are to be laid, inner baseboard is intended to reflect where my walking area is.
I.e. we´re talking about a duck-under layout.

The outer baseboard reflect the walls of the room, so the measurements are fixed ... and is of no need to be altered. The inner baseboard size changes according to the various ideas of my pike; sometimes I need 10 cm this way, or 5 cm the other way. But when trying to edit the inner border lines, the border lines of the outer baseboard might as well be "triggered" (without any warning ?) - and the outer baseboard therefore changes its measurements :(

Is there a way to be certain you picked the correct baseboard when in need of any alterations?


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