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Mirror Image

Posted: Mon 3. Feb 2020, 09:43
by kevinNZ
I'm new to the prog - I used it pretty much as I would with a box of track parts and put the basic layout down. What I need to do is produce a second version that is a mirror image as my terminus could go to either side of a U. I searched and it looked as if you were going to add this feature but nothing more. I can cope with a parts list in my head - it's Tillig points and flextrack so kinda moot the exact part numbers - the left and right hand points are the same geometry.

Did a mirror/x-axis function get added? If so how do I access it?


Kevin in NZ

Re: Mirror Image

Posted: Wed 5. Feb 2020, 11:31
by RailModeller Support
Mirroring layouts - which will have to replace parts like turnouts with their respective mirror parts - is on our to-do list for a future update!