Help with a custom baseboard

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Help with a custom baseboard

Post by walman339 » Fri 10. Jan 2020, 21:24

Hello all,

I'm new to RailModeller so I apologize now for the 100 questions I'll have over the coming weeks! I have actually watched several tutorials and made a few layouts to get the feel of the program and haven't had too many problems. However, now that it is time to get serious and design my layout, I can't seem to get past the first step! My layout is going to sit in a unique space so I want to create am accurate baseboard to place my track. The baseboard will have unique angles most likely so looking down it will most likely resemble a rounded "W". I use the wizard to start making the baseboard but I find the controls nearly impossible to use and my sizing options very limited. Is there a set of detailed instructions or a video on how to use the custom baseboard features?

I understand a baseboard isn't required but I really want to use Layer 1 to represent my floor space so the Layer 2 baseboard really is where I want to place the layout so I see how it all fits together.

Thank you,


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