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Associate a baseboard and a track layer

Posted: Sat 4. Jan 2020, 13:45
by guigui971

I plan a 2 levels layout : one upper, and one lower, hiden. That mean one baseboard located above the other. (around 40cm)
I don't find the way to define the level of my upper baseboard, altought we can define the track level high.
In fact when we go to the 3D view, my two baseboard are one over the other (we could even say the are fused), and my upper track layer is flying over, with a shadow on the lower track layer.
What did I miss or done wrong?

Re: Associate a baseboard and a track layer

Posted: Wed 8. Jan 2020, 13:41
by RailModeller Support
At this point all baseboards are positioned at level zero.

There is an open feature request - with very little interest.. - to allow positioning baseboards at arbitrary heights: ... -elevation

This is planned eventually - but with very few users asking for this other features are currently prioritized.