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Minitrix turnout 14981/83 miss match

Posted: Fri 18. Oct 2019, 13:26
by Schnilu
I’m using the Minitrix tracks and found a problem with the curve turnouts 14981/83 R3/4. When connected they should be continued with 14917 R3 and 14927 R4. But this doesn’t end up right. For now I’ll plan with out the turnouts, but would be nice to have it fixed so the layout is complete. 👍

Re: Minitrix turnout 14981/83 miss match

Posted: Wed 23. Oct 2019, 12:11
by RailModeller Support
Unfortunately the Minitrix track system isn't perfectly designed by the manufacturer when it comes to the curved turnouts.

We are planning to add features in upcoming updates to help with small gaps or slightly misaligned tracks in the app that usually can't be noticed when building the real layout due to tolerances in fabricated tracks or track connections of real tracks being bent by tiny amounts.

Hope this helps,

Re: Minitrix turnout 14981/83 miss match

Posted: Sat 11. Apr 2020, 10:30
by Ice
I have the same problem with the Minitrix curve turnouts 14956 and 14957 and hope for appropriate features in RailModeller Pro to solve the problem.