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Parallel curved flex track

Posted: Thu 7. Mar 2019, 01:46
by Jaym481
Is there a way to have flex track curves parallel with consistent separation? Right now it appears when I select the Smart Insert as parallel track it only sets the distance for one end, and the new flex piece is straight. It's a bit of a faff to try to get it parallel for the entire curved part. Am I missing something? And if that isn't a feature, could it be added at some point?

Re: Parallel curved flex track

Posted: Tue 12. Mar 2019, 11:35
by RailModeller Support
Hello Jay,

you could e.g. first use the parallel track assistant to start a new line of tracks at the desired track distance from an existing track,
then create a curved flex track with the desired radius using the Flextrack Inspector and 'Bend to Curve',
and finally duplicate the track any number of times (Option-Drag or Element > Duplicate) and manually attach the tracks to the newly started parallel track section.

Hope this helps,