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deselect track library items

Posted: Wed 12. Dec 2018, 03:26
by gnfan 2018
Is there a way to deselect an item in the track library after it's been added to the plan? For example if I select a piece of flex track and add it to the plan the flex track choice stays selected in the track library. If you inadvertently click on the plan then it adds another piece of track. I end up having to delete all the extra track pieces being added. What I want to do is not have ANY track selected so I can edit the plan without having unneeded track pieces popping in at inopportune moments. Is there a way to deselect a track item so this doesn't happen?

I hope my question makes sense.

David Brockmeier

Disabling the Append Feature

Posted: Wed 12. Dec 2018, 11:50
by RailModeller Support
Hi David,

You are probably looking for a way to deactivate the Append Feature:
If you don't like it you can permanently turn it off in the app's preferences!

EnableAppend.png (80.05 KiB) Viewed 890 times


Re: deselect track library items

Posted: Thu 13. Dec 2018, 05:04
by gnfan 2018
That did it.

Thanks so much. I did see that option in the preferences but didn't realize what the function was.