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Help! i need bigger radius curves -Peco code 100

Posted: Tue 23. Oct 2018, 16:12
by Goodison_Road
Hi there,
Im creating a new layout track plan and am having trouble creating my staging yards
I'm using Peco 100 setback curves 2nd, 3rd and 4th curves in parallel using Peco 100 setback library - but my yard has several parallel track - so i need to create 5th...6th .....and so on in curve pieces
Connect flex track doesn't work as id like it to and isn't parallel
Do i have to create library items? and if i do how?
Thank you
John C

Re: Help! i need bigger radius curves -Peco code 100

Posted: Wed 24. Oct 2018, 08:02
by RailModeller Support
Hello John,

Have you tried adding a flex track and specifying the radius by using the Bend to Curve command in the contextual menu for the track or using the flex track inspector in the sidebar to the right when the flex track is selected?

In both cases you could create one curved flex for each desired radius, keep them as a template in the layout and duplicate them as many times as required.

Also to start a new line at a specific parallel track distance you can simply insert any track from the current track library using the Parallel Track assistant and continue the line with your custom flex tracks at the track with the specified parallel track distance!

Hope this helps,