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Kato N gage roundhouse

Posted: Thu 18. Oct 2018, 22:29
by k9jri
I have just purchased RailModeller Pro and re-created my current N gage layout. My previous software was AnyRail and I am very pleased at how easy RailModeller Pro was to use.

I found everything that I needed in the Libraries except for the Kato 23-240 Roundhouse. The 20-283 turntable and the 20-285 extensions are in the library but I was unable to find the 23-240 roundhouse itself.

Is it possible to add the roundhouse to the library?


Re: Kato N gage roundhouse

Posted: Tue 23. Oct 2018, 11:01
by RailModeller Support
Thanks for the heads-up!
The Kato roundhouse (#23-240) has been added to the Various Roundhouses N library for the upcoming update.

23-240.png (86.66 KiB) Viewed 1314 times

Re: Kato N gage roundhouse

Posted: Thu 6. Dec 2018, 22:00
by k9jri
The new roundhouse details look very good on my layout.

Thanks - Mike