Creating a track library

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Creating a track library

Post by flysail » Wed 10. Oct 2018, 19:32

I am modeling 30# rail in 1 gauge using code 148 0-scale rail. Code 148 is almost perfectly scaled for 30# rail. If the gauge were right, the trackbuilding guides from Fast Tracks would be perfect, but 45 mm is not 1.25 inches.

I am using tight curves (up to 72º) and switches as low as Number 3.6 frog for a mining scene. It will all be hand laid.

How do I create a track library so I can used my hand laid track in RailModeller Pro?


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Re: Creating a track library

Post by RailModeller Support » Thu 11. Oct 2018, 13:20

Hi there,

The library editor module is currently used by us internally and will be made available to the public at some point.

Please get in touch via email if you'd like to participate in the beta phase for the library editor!

All the best,
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