Lack Of A User Manual

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Lack Of A User Manual

Post by LostSoul » Tue 26. Jun 2018, 23:09

Let me start out by saying I'm a new user of RailModeller Pro. I've used Mac since 1984, and I've written code since 1985, so yep, I'm old! I'm not a huge fan of reading manuals, but I think all good, sophisticated PROGRAMS need one. I think it's one of the most significant drawbacks of this program is the lack of reference material. It took me 2 days to find out how to edit flextrack, and I'm still not sure how to set minimum radius, track spacing, height, or all of the other parameters that I need to design a working layout.

On Windows (which I hate) I've used 3rd Planit and RailCad (along with tests of a lot of others), so I know what other programs are capable of, I think the Mac deserves the best program available! We need a great reference source, and the help doesn't work well enough. A PDF manual is the bare minimum that's necessary, ideally along with a fully indexed source (again, a PDF works). The basics are to be able to find answers to the questions no one has asked yet.

For example, I looked for "Connect Track," "Join FlexTrack," and "Join Track" and couldn't find an answer. I had to search all of the "FlexTrack" responses to find how to edit a track, and it still took me reading 5-6 posts. I should have been able to find this with 1 search.

I know a developer wants to develop, but a user NEEDS to use; otherwise, we throw the program out and write negative reviews.

I don't like to write negative reviews, EVER, but if asked, right now I'd have to warn people about how difficult it is to figure out how to use this PROGRAM (you can't think of it as an app.)

One last note, I haven't written to support, as I haven't used the program to need that level of support. I don't think one should have to write support (and they shouldn't) until the FM has been read. My problem is there is no FM.

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RailModeller Pro User Manual

Post by RailModeller Support » Wed 27. Jun 2018, 05:12

Hello there,

You can find the user manual in the standard Apple Help format in the Help menu as RailModeller Pro Help.
It documents all functions of the program and it can be searched directly from the Help menu:

Help Search Connect.png
Help Search Connect.png (427.23 KiB) Viewed 1632 times

Have you tried our tutorials to get started? They provide some basic tips for working with RailModeller Pro: ... x0IA5DNqv-

All the best,
RailModeller Pro - The model railroad layout design package for the Mac


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