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Snap-To guides.

Posted: Thu 26. Apr 2018, 05:15
by mgbeck
Are Snap-to guide lines a priority in upcoming versions? I would love to set vertical and horizontal guides that I could snap center of track and track edges to to provide a much more accurate placement of the, or am I missing an already available feature that I haven't found yet :D ?

Re: Snap-To guides.

Posted: Sat 28. Apr 2018, 12:55
by RailModeller Support
Guides have been requested very rarely so focus is currently on features that would benefit a majority of the user base!


Re: Snap-To guides.

Posted: Tue 3. Jul 2018, 11:32
by Hinkel
I completely understand your point, Jan. But I also hope that guides are coming at some point too. I feel like a lot of people would benefit from them as well.