Fleischmann H0 Not Usable

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Fleischmann H0 Not Usable

Post by blauerenzian » Thu 18. Jan 2018, 10:27


I wanted to start planning my model rail based off of the following plan from Fleischmann:
Gleisplan.jpg.150633bd819c237f371bbe10f199baa8.jpg (102.7 KiB) Viewed 1212 times
but unfortunately, I figured that RailModeller is useless for me as I cannot do so, as the following shows:
Fehler.png (195.33 KiB) Viewed 1212 times
Neither does the end of the rails fit (left red indicator) nor is the distance between the tracks correct (as I cannot connect the two tracks as indicated by the right red circle in the picture).

Is there any plans that you update RailModeller so it works with the plans? It's all nice with CAD and such stuff, but when I go and spend several hours and cannot develop my plan according to what Fleischmann says, then the software is useless.

Since Fleischmann explicitly states, that they have a geometrically well designed system (which I trust them), then obviously the software should be able to deal with it.

It would be nice to hear about any updates on this, as the minimum thing I expect of such a software is, that it can replicate the original plans that come with the tracks.


I found a workaround that possibly helps me (just for the plan - when building the real thing I would consider doing it like Fleischmann suggested originally):
Workaround.png (208.2 KiB) Viewed 1210 times
BUT: I don't know which side effects this means, especially on whether the sizes match. But it enables me to get the plan at least somewhat replicated though it's not satisfying at all to have to do it like this

Is there any other issues know with Fleischmann tracks in the program or is this the only ones that I can suppose to face? If there's more known bugs RailModeller Pro is then definitively not usable for me.

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Re: Fleischmann H0 Not Usable

Post by RailModeller Support » Thu 18. Jan 2018, 12:19

Hello blauerenzian,

Thanks for the feedback. We're using the track specifications published by Fleischmann for our track libraries.

For many track systems the data published by the manufacturers doesn't perfectly match in the CAD software where everything (i.e. every angle and connection) is 'perfect' in a mathematical sense.

Due to flexible track connections allowing real tracks to be bent by tiny amounts this isn't an issue and can't be noticed when building the real layout but it can lead to small gaps or slightly misaligned parallel tracks when planning the layout on the computer.

We will add functions in future releases to simulate similar flexibility in track connections to make planning layouts 'less perfect' and more realistic!

In any case I'll review the definition of the Fleischmann curved turnouts in case there's an error!

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Re: Fleischmann H0 Not Usable

Post by blauerenzian » Thu 18. Jan 2018, 14:17

Hello Jan,

it would indeed be very helpful if you could match those imperfect things then to your software, since it is very frustrating to do planning and then realize that things don't fit together after several hours of work.

It might also make sense to cover all these issues in one place like a "known issues" section and with proposals for how to solve or work around them (like I did in my upper post, where I suggest a potential solution).


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