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Euler spiral curves

Posted: Sun 24. Dec 2017, 11:40
by jlb

I am thinking about buying RailModeller Pro. I am an old user of RailModeller. A feature that would be great is the ability to draw Euler spiral curves (Clothoïde in French, Klothoide in German). This would save a lot of time !

Best regards

Re: Euler spiral curves

Posted: Mon 25. Dec 2017, 09:33
by RailModeller Support
Thanks for the feedback!

You're welcome to request features in our Feature Request forum over at UserVoice so other users can vote for the idea and we can see if this is something many users would be interested in: ... ilters/top


Re: Euler spiral curves

Posted: Tue 26. Dec 2017, 09:01
by jlb