Creating a parallel curve to an existing curve

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Alaska Railroad
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Creating a parallel curve to an existing curve

Post by Alaska Railroad » Thu 21. Dec 2017, 22:55

I created a curve using nine sections of Atlas HO code 100 #153 22in. Radius, 22.5 degrees. I want to easily create a parallel curve to the outside of the existing curve. How can I do this? When I use the #168 36" Super-Flex Track, select "Bend to a curved form" and specify values for both the "Curve Radius" and "Arc Radius" I can't get it to create a smooth parallel curve. If I double click on the Super-Flex Track and try using the control points I still am unable to create a smooth parallel curve.

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RailModeller Support
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Re: Creating a parallel curve to an existing curve

Post by RailModeller Support » Sat 23. Dec 2017, 17:35

Hi there,

you can use the Parallel Track assistant from the Smart Insert menu:

The Parallel Track assistant inserts the track currently selected in the Library Catalog parallel to any track already in the layout. Start by selecting the joint of a track where you want to start a parallel track section next to it. Subsequently the Parallel Track dialog is displayed.

The desired parallel track distance (measured track center to track center) can be entered directly. Optionally one of the parallel track distances of the current track library can be chosen from the popup menu.

Hope this helps,
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