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Smart Insert Question

Posted: Wed 22. Nov 2017, 16:44
by jimhh
The app is working well....BUT when I insert FlexiTrack between two points, the track appears, but if I click elsewhere to lay more track, the track inserted by 'Smart Insert' disappears. I can't see any message, so what am I doing wrong??


Re: Smart Insert Question

Posted: Wed 22. Nov 2017, 18:33
by RailModeller Support
Hi Jim,

Have you inserted the track by confirming the preview with Apply?

If the assistant is closed (e.g. by clicking somewhere outside the assistant) without actually inserting a track the preview disappears and no changes are made to your layout.

Hope this makes sense,

Re: Smart Insert Question

Posted: Thu 23. Nov 2017, 15:36
by jimhh

Thank you very much. I hadn't seen / noticed the 'apply' box - I was looking at the track, not anywhere near the place where the box appears....there's none so blind as those that cannot see...!! I can confirm that the smart insert is working very well - it is just the operator who is faulty!!


PS many thanks for the swift reply, much appreciated