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Multiple level layouts

Posted: Fri 13. Oct 2017, 10:16
by chrisridd

I'm trying to plan a layout which is on multiple levels.

It seemed like it would be useful to have a "baseboard" for each level, but that's not allowed - all baseboards sit at elevation 0.

So my next attempt was to create a rectangle shape and use that to fake the upper level, but that's also not possible and they all sit at elevation 0.

I'm probably not approaching this problem correctly! What is the recommended way to manage multiple level layouts?

Re: Multiple level layouts

Posted: Tue 24. Oct 2017, 12:03
by RailModeller Support
You're correct - At this time baseboards and shapes are limited to level zero.
There's a feature request to improve this and we're probably going to tackle this at some point when time allows
( ... -elevation)


Re: Multiple level layouts

Posted: Tue 7. Nov 2017, 02:26
by Peter Cook
I have a multi level layout - what I did was to create new layers and put them above the stuff at 0 level - one for the elevated baseboard, one for the track, and one for any scenery that goes over that upper level track. Plan wise they can be turned off to see what is underneath, and while profile wise they are all currently at 0 level, when height can be allocated, they are ready to go.