Couple of thoughts - moving from AnyRail

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Couple of thoughts - moving from AnyRail

Post by trevleyb » Fri 18. Aug 2017, 20:30

Hi, I've been moving from Anyrail as I use a Mac and want a Mac native app and really like this app. A couple of small items that I'm not sure if you plan to support or not which I find really useful in regards Flex track:

1. When editing a flex track allow a key/mouse combo to ensure the re-size of the flex track keeps it straight. At the moment if I double click to go to edit mode and shorten or stretch flex track it will bend not stay straight. On Anyrail I would hold down the shift key and drag and it would not bend.

2. Show the radius or set a minimum radius. On Anyrail I can setup my plan with a 12" minimum radius. Any track that I connect or bends with flex track that are less than 12" would show as red - warning.

3. Ability to cut flex track at any point. I've found this useful on any occasions. Cutting it makes it into two piece of flex track which I can then manipulate.

Just a couple of thoughts

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Re: Couple of thoughts - moving from AnyRail

Post by RailModeller Support » Wed 13. Sep 2017, 10:48

Hello Trevor,

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the delay - we've just returned from our annual summer break.

A minimum radius setting per layout (with appropriate warnings shown when the radius is exceeded) is planned for the future.
You can already cut section and flex tracks using the saw tool when editing layouts.

Hope this helps,
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