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Select a range of tracks / selection

Posted: Fri 10. Feb 2017, 16:22
by ArnoldRG
I trie every combination of key's of my keyboard, but I can'nt find out to make a selection from several elements.I want to make a selection for adjust the heights of the tracks. If I use the mouse and select a part of the tracks, the option to adjust heights is not available in the trackdocument at the right of the screen. Who can help me?

Re: Select a range of tracks / selection

Posted: Sat 11. Feb 2017, 13:36
by RailModeller Support
Helo Arnold -

You can select a series of connected tracks by simply selecting the first track, holding down the Shift key, then selecting the second track!
shift-select-tracks.gif (195 KiB) Viewed 1374 times