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Color Pallet

Posted: Mon 30. Jan 2017, 16:40
by ronboze
I've been using Railmodeller for several years, but this is my first time working with Railmodeller Pro. I found the eyedropper tool to select colors that already exist on the layout, but I have not been able to find a palette of colors that I could use when creating a new layout. I saw the palette symbol on the toolbar, but it is for a dropdown menu of shapes. How can I select colors?



Re: Colorizing the selection

Posted: Tue 31. Jan 2017, 06:34
by RailModeller Support
Hi Ron,

Attributes for elements and the entire layout can be set in the sidebar to the right.
There you can also set the default color or - if elements are currently selected - the color of the selection:
color_select.png (205.5 KiB) Viewed 1417 times
Hope this helps,