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iRunTrains compatibility

Posted: Mon 19. Dec 2016, 15:37
by sandrobilbeisi

does the current version of RailModeller Pro produce layout files which are compatible with iRunTrains ?

older .layout files are packages which contain .slif files

but newer .layout files are not packages

Re: iRunTrains compatibility

Posted: Tue 20. Dec 2016, 04:46
by iRunTrains
Hi. RailModeler Pro does not yet seem to support SLIF file export, so I still use v4.1 for compatibility with iRunTrains. Just use it's File -> Export SLIF feature to create a standalone SLIF file. Save it in the iRunTrains-Library/SLIF folder, then you can import it as described in the iRunTrains User Manual:

Re: iRunTrains compatibility

Posted: Wed 21. Dec 2016, 07:38
by RailModeller Support
Hi all,

SLIF export is only available in RailModeller Classic as of today.

As a side note: We didn't receive a single question or request regarding SLIF export in the two years since RailModeller Pro went live on the Mac App Store (and over a year since our free RailModeller Express was available).

On the other hand we're extremely busy delivering the features on our road map and features many users asked for..

Hope this helps,

Re: iRunTrains compatibility

Posted: Wed 21. Dec 2016, 23:44
by iRunTrains
As a fan and purchaser of RM Classic and Pro, I would like to be the first customer to formally request SLIF export in Pro. :)