Multiple Computers

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Zorba The Geek
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Multiple Computers

Post by Zorba The Geek » Mon 14. Nov 2016, 20:54

What might be the best way to share data RailModeller Pro layouts, stock lists, etc. between multiple computers? I'd like to be able to access the same data both in my office and in my train room.

• Manually transfer data files as necessary, IE: via USB flash drive?
• Move RailModdeller Pro support files to cloud-based storage, IE: Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.?
• Use aliases in the current RailModdeller Pro support file location that refer to the actual files located elsewhere?

Before I muck around with this I thought I'd see if anyone already has the solution. Thanks for any help one might offer.

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RailModeller Support
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Re: Multiple Computers

Post by RailModeller Support » Wed 16. Nov 2016, 12:04

Hi Zorba,

Saving layouts to your iCloud or Google Drive is probably the easiest way to share layout files!

The stock is currently stored in a hidden location but you can use the import/export functionality to share stock across several computers (older discussion on this topic: Manage Stock File).

There's also a feature request for shared stock files but it didn't attract many votes so it'll probably be closed again pretty soon..

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Zorba The Geek
Posts: 2
Joined: Mon 14. Nov 2016, 20:42

Re: Multiple Computers

Post by Zorba The Geek » Wed 16. Nov 2016, 14:46

Thanks for the link to an earlier discussion on this subject, I must have missed that post when searching through the forums.

I am surprised that this concept hasn't garnered more support among Rail Modeller users. I have become accustomed to keeping most of my digital content either "in the cloud" or on networked storage so it can be accessed from any computer or location.

While a central storage location would be convenient, I do not anticipate needing to share layouts or stock data on a continual basis. I can simply transfer data manually as needed when circumstances warrant an update.

Thanks again for the reply!

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