Working with Flex track

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Working with Flex track

Post by cpe111 » Sun 14. Aug 2016, 08:35

I'm having difficulties connecting two track sections together with flex track - in this case i can attach the track to the first group but it will not then snap to the second. I am also unable to modify the curve of a flex track after it has been snapped to a track section. Is there a way to modify flex track curves after they have been attached? Track curves for flex track should also be modifiable at each end for attachment purposes - how do i do this?

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Re: Working with Flex track

Post by RailModeller Support » Fri 9. Sep 2016, 15:57

Hello and sorry for the delay - just returned from our summer break.
It might be easiest if you just send the layout via email so we can have a look. You can simply use the 'Send Support Email' menu item from the Help menu.

Reshaping flex tracks attached to other tracks is limited as the connection angle can't be modified ti keep the connection to the other tracks.
Improvements are scheduled for a future update, though.

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