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AppStoe thingy

Post by edmunds » Tue 3. May 2016, 21:45

Dear all,

Sorry if it is the wrong place to post, but I could not find the right one.

I have a licence of RM 4.1.10 (Intel) for MAC OS X I have paid for. I did not use it for a while, since I do not plan new layouts every day :). Now, I do need to plan a new layout and I open my RM and get a message about RM Express that is free on the AppStore. I followed a link to find out I'm way behind the current version. Is there a way I can upgrade what I once paid for or do I have to pay once again for the latest version?



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Re: AppStore thingy

Post by RailModeller Support » Wed 4. May 2016, 05:31

Hello Edmunds,

You can get the latest version of RailModeller for free here:

The current version at this time is 4.1.11

Our new apps, RailModeller Pro and RailModeller Express have been developed from scratch and as Apple doesn't currently provide a way for us to offer upgrades to existing customers we can only charge the same price for everyone.
The new app was offered at a discounted price several times last year to allow existing customers to purchase the app at a reduced price, however at the moment the app is offered at its regular price.

Hope this helps,
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