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Using an irregular shape

Posted: Tue 16. Feb 2016, 10:30
by Gremlin
I want to create a layout with an irregular shape - similar to the letter U, running along three walls in a room.

I don't want to draw three rectangles to view them separately...can this be done in V5 because I can't figure out how :)

Re: Using an irregular shape

Posted: Wed 17. Feb 2016, 16:27
by RailModeller Support
You can just use the drawing tools:
From the 'Shape' select e.g. the Polygon shape and insert / position as many points as required.

Quick tips: Clicking on an existing line will insert a new point in the line, Opt-Click on a point deletes the point.

You might want to place the shape into its own layer and lock it so it won't interfere with the track layers when editing the layout!