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Whole Track Plan Modification

Posted: Mon 7. Dec 2015, 03:32
by DonStaff
I've worked for hours on a track plan to the point of seeming perfection. Now I need to create a mirror image version, i.e.. flip the whole plan on it's Z axis. How can this be done?

Re: Whole Track Plan Modification

Posted: Tue 8. Dec 2015, 15:59
by RailModeller Support
Hi there -

you can select all elements and rotate the layout by 180 degrees.
A true mirroring feature would be nice indeed, however it's not as trivial as it may seem..

For example, assuming you're building some layout with Roco 0m tracks and you would like to mirror the following track section:
flip_sample_left.png (9.21 KiB) Viewed 3291 times
But currently there's no way for the program to know that the 50250 switch has to be replaced with the 50251 switch, the right handed variant, to obtain a properly mirrored track section:
flip_sample_right.png (9.28 KiB) Viewed 3291 times
A mirror feature is on the to-do list, but it will take some time until we get to it as there are quite a few features that have a higher priority.


Re: Whole Track Plan Modification

Posted: Thu 6. Apr 2017, 05:08
by M Mitchell Marmel
Just had the same problem this evening. What I wound up doing was exporting the plan to a PNG file, then flipping the image in Preview. Doesn't do anything as far as the parts list goes, but at least you can get an idea of how it looks... :)


Re: Whole Track Plan Modification

Posted: Thu 6. Apr 2017, 05:47
by RailModeller Support
Hello Mitch,

Hmm - interesting approach :)
Part numbers except turnouts should still be fine with just the counts for L/R flavours of turnouts in the part list requiring 'swapping'.

For what it's worth: Much work is currently going into the new Library Editor module.. with the new editor comes a greatly improved format for track libraries that'll allow us to add a number of great new features in the near future.
The new format will also include designated counter parts for turnouts to enable (properly) mirroring entire layouts in a future update of the app.