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Fleischmann N Gauge - Geometry Problems

Posted: Sat 12. Sep 2015, 19:12
by DeeJay
Hi, I've just bought RailModeller Pro and I'm struggling with the geometry of the curved turnouts in Fleischmann N gauge. I think the attached diagram will show the problem. There seems to be an issue with the angle of the diverging track from the curved turnouts, could you advise please?

Re: Fleischmann N Gauge - Geometry Problems

Posted: Wed 16. Sep 2015, 15:19
by RailModeller Support
Hi -

Unfortunately Fleischmann N / piccolo is a problematic track system..
The specs given by Fleischmann just don't work out when used in a CAD program.

The examples given by Fleischmann can't possibly (mathematically speaking) all work at the same time. The problem is mainly around the curved turnouts so I generally recomment to design the rest of the layout around the curved turnouts and just ignore the overlaps or gaps they create.

When built with real tracks the flexibility of the track junctions will usually cover up the design problems of the Piccolo track system.

With the upcoming version we'll also add the ability to adjust the tolerance for track connections that should be considered 'connected' so it should be easier to replicate track plans from magazines or layouts with certain track systems.


Re: Fleischmann N Gauge - Geometry Problems

Posted: Sat 31. Oct 2015, 13:01
by chippy911
Hello Jan,
I've just discovered this problem myself and must say it means that the software is actually useless for me.

I appreciate your "solution" but when trying to plan a large layout with a lot of curved turnouts the whole thing
is just a big mess and I no longer know what will work and what not. I'm not going to spend hours planning a
layout unless I can be sure that it will work out when I build it.

That's not what I expected when I bought the software so am really disappointed.

I've previously used WinTrack on a Windows platform and never had such a problem when using Fleischmann products so
can't quite understand why it doesn't work on RailModeller.

Have you got any better and workable solution for us please?

Re: Fleischmann N Gauge - Geometry Problems

Posted: Sun 1. Nov 2015, 08:47
by RailModeller Support
Hi Alan,

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there's no better workaround for faulty track systems at the moment.
If you're not happy with the app here's how to request a refund:

Contact Apple Mac App Store Support at

There, click on the Account and Billing button and request a refund.

More details can also be found here:


Re: Fleischmann N Gauge - Geometry Problems

Posted: Sat 23. Jan 2016, 09:09
by PatricR
Hi Guys,

I am experiencing the same problem. Is there any update on this issue?