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Walthers track

Posted: Mon 15. Jun 2015, 23:59
by Goure
Are there any plans to add Walthers track pieces to the database? Or am I just missing it...

Also, is there a way to add custom pieces to the database? Based on some of the forum posts here, it looks like that may have been a feature in a previous version but isn't know - is this correct?


Re: Walthers track

Posted: Thu 18. Jun 2015, 15:15
by RailModeller Support
I'm always keen adding additional track systems if I can get my hand on the specifications.

The Walthers/Shinohara Code 83 track system is not yet supported due to a lack of available information.


Re: Walthers track

Posted: Mon 19. Jun 2017, 00:11
by SpurlockMedia
RailModeller Support wrote:If I can get my hand on the specifications.
Just curious to see if anything has changed after two years? :roll:

Re: Walthers track

Posted: Thu 22. Jun 2017, 11:46
by RailModeller Support
Hi there - afraid we're still lacking the required data.. :|

In general we're happy to add support for any track system if the manufacturer makes the specs available to us.
However, in some cases it can be tricky.